Areas of Expertise

Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research

Qualitative market research is used within studies where the objectives and demands of the brief require a really detailed understanding, for example of behaviours, thought processes, rationalisation and decision making.

Qualitative Research Methods - Focus Groups, Depth Interviews

Swift Research specialises in applying a wide range of qualitative research methods. We use the approach which will deliver the best results, not just the current 'hot topic'. This may be through focus groups, individual depth interviews, friendship pairs, accompanied shops, consumer immersions, concept labs, workshops, observations or a combination of these techniques.

Creativity and Insight

Qualitative research is about discovering what lies behind the top of mind responses. Our research team are fully trained in a wide range of qualitative research methods and our viewing facility and sensory laundry lab within Innervisions are set up to assist moderators to engage with respondents.

With specialists in traditional moderation and more creative projective techniques, our researchers ensure participants communicate as openly and honestly as possible whilst also using ways to capture insights that cannot be easily verbalised.

Qualitative Research

Viewing Facility and Sensory Lab

Clients and other research agencies may hire our Innervisions Viewing Facility and Sensory Lab directly for their own qualitative research. Innervisions is available as either a standalone facility or with recruitment or moderating services supplied through Swift Research.

For more information on qualitative research or our viewing facility, call 01937 543600 to speak to one of our researchers or visit our Innervisions website.