Just one more episode...

As a mother of two, my uninterrupted TV time is precious. I use this time to relax, have a glass of wine, and catch up on all the programmes I have missed or to work my way through films or box sets on my watch list. I rarely have the time to sit down and watch a scheduled programme live and it would seem I am not the only one.

TV binge watching

Forty million people (79%) of UK adults use catch-up services such as BBC iPlayer or Netflix to watch more than one episode of a TV series in one sitting (Ofcom's Communications Market Report 2017). It would seem we are becoming a nation of 'binge watchers'. With more and more on demand services available and the prolific use of tablets, smartphones and games consoles, we are able to watch what we want, when and where we want to.

I have the luxury of being able to not only watch endless episodes of Peppa Pig at home, I can now also stream and access Peppa on the move, allowing me to placate my children for just that little bit longer from the inevitable tantrum. More importantly on the days that I arrive outside the school gate half an hour early, I can make a start on the next episode of the latest crime drama I have been enticed into.

It seems we all love a back to back box set binge or programme marathon. It is crucial we are up to date with the shows we love - we live in fear of spoilers on social media or friends, family or colleagues giving too much away before we get the chance to watch.

TV viewing is also moving towards being a solo activity. According to Ofcom, most households sit together in the same room, yet all watch different programmes on separate screens. This is definitely true of my household. None of us can agree on a progamme to watch that suits us and this argument continues even when the children are tucked up in bed! Watching TV as a family is proving to be less frequent and in my case more difficult.

Our favourite TV shows no longer dictate and schedule our lives and gone are the days of pressing the red button setting the VCR to record!

Would you all agree?