Fragrance & sensory research

Swift Research is an expert in fragrance research and our specialist knowledge is now recognised globally.

We work very closely with some of the top international fragrance houses testing fragrances across a wide range of categories. Through our experience, we know and understand the importance of a product's sensory attributes, whether it be a fine fragrance, air freshener, scented candles or laundry products.

Fragrance Research Testing

Specialising in fragrance testing, we have significant experience of testing both neat and dilute fragrances, as well as preparing and testing dry and damp samples. Whatever you wish to know about laundry and household products we can tell you!

Given our extensive background in fragrance testing, we are in a unique position to offer quality market research in this specialised area, supported by great in-house facilities, including our very own laundry lab, for product preparation and consumer testing. Participants are also recruited to test in central locations (CLT/hall tests) across the UK, ensuring feedback from 'real' consumers, alongside expert panels.

Fragrance research testing

Sensory Research Panels

We develop and manage various sensory research panels for our clients. Panellists participate in sniff tests, in home use tests, bulletin boards, traditional qualitative work and various other tasks on an ongoing basis.