I'm sorry on this occasion you have not qualified...

Ever wondered why you don't qualify for a research project, no matter how hard you try?

It's very frustrating when you really want something and you can't have it, especially chocolate! It's the same principle when you really want to take part in research but you're 'screened out' meaning you can't take part because you don't fit the criteria needed. We have put this article together to try and explain a little more about how the screening process works for projects.

So why do people get 'screened out' of research projects?

We love our research panel members so of course we'd like everyone to be able to take part, but there are a few things that effects our ability to do this. The first being marketing.

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus

Picture a supermarket aisle... which of these sections would you be likely to pick up a deodorant can from?

All these products do the same thing, but they will have different fragrances and packaging. Typically women and men are marketed to in different ways with each product being made to suit a certain gender, age range and/or lifestyle factors.

So when we test these types of products our clients ask us to only speak to their 'target market,' the people most likely to buy the product. Unfortunately if you don't fit into this we aren't able to interview you for that particular product.

But marketing isn't the only reason for 'screening out'...

There are some products which are genuinely only needed by certain people, such as feminine hygiene products. Understandably when conducting a recent project in this area we only spoke to women about these products.

But there's good news!

The good news is we do lots of different types of research, not just product testing! So although it is annoying if you have been 'screened out' before don't be disheartened, there will be something you can get involved in!

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