So what's it really like to work at Swift? Here's a few snippets from the chats we had with Katie, our Technical Manager, and her hardworking data and scripting team, Liam and Colin.

They all love a challenge, think our MD is quite entertaining and keep a collection of yellow ducks!

The thing about breakfast briefing meetings is you never know just who you might bump into and what you might learn.

Following a very early start one dark winter morning I recently discovered there really is more to corporate taxation that I realised.

Being a sensory scientist, most of my colleagues think I’m just responsible for running tests... While this is broadly correct, it’s never quite so simple!

Latest research indicates we are becoming a nation of 'binge watchers' as 79% of UK adults now use catch-up services to watch more than one episode of a TV series in one sitting.

Our favourite TV shows no longer dictate and schedule our lives and gone are the days of pressing the red button setting the VCR to record!