Meet the team: Introducing our DP & IT team

So what's it really like to work at Swift? Here are a few snippets from the chats we had with our lovely team members, and their managers:

Meet Katie, our Technical Manager, and her hardworking data and scripting team, Liam, Colin and Patrik. They all love a challenge, think our MD is quite entertaining and keep a collection of yellow ducks!

What's your role and how long have you worked for Swift?

Katie: I'm the Technical Manager. I've worked at Swift for (nearly) 14 years - I feel old!

Liam: I've been here just over a year and a half as a Survey Developer.

Colin: Nearly 6 years as a Data Processor/ Survey Scripter.

Patrik: I'm new! Just 3 months into it. I'm a Junior Data Processor/ Survey Scripter.

What do you love most about your job?

Katie: When the blood, sweat and tears pays off and we somehow manage to pull off the seemingly impossible.

Liam: The challenges it brings.

Colin: It's challenging! You couldn't say you do the same thing day after day.

Patrik: The new challenges I haven't encountered yet allow me to grow and improve.

What's the best thing about working for Swift?

Katie: Life is never dull!

Liam: Every day presents a new challenge!

Colin: Never short of cake and biscuits!

Patrik: Friendly (and sometimes funny) people in the office.

Who or what makes you laugh most at work?

Katie: Nick, our MD and my boss because his reaction is always so predictable!!!

Liam: Nick, our MD, is always fun to be around.

Colin: Askia, our survey scripting software - its little eccentricities.

Patrik: I can't single out anyone who can't make me laugh. I haven't really talked much with the directors yet but almost everyone here has a sense of humour!

What can you see on your desk right now?

Katie: Chocolate!

Liam: Computer, sticky pads, paperwork. A bright yellow rubber duck!

Colin: Lots of Post-it notes for things I've long forgotten about!

Patrik: A duck and a glass of water.

If you had to change jobs for one day, whose job in Swift would you avoid and why?

Katie: Mine!

Liam: I don't think there's a bad job at Swift.

Colin: Anyone in Data Collection, I prefer not to work evenings or weekends

Patrik: I want to keep on thinking and working with data/information so I don't want to do any admin jobs.

And whose job would you take on and why?

Katie: The FDs (Martin) - to pay myself a large sum of money so I can retire and emigrate to Whistler and spend my days snowboarding.

Liam: The Research Team Manager, to see what it's like working with the Research Team and directly with clients.

Colin: Our Research Team Manager. He has a larger desk and it's nearer the printer!

Patrik: If I just want to do it for a day for fun or out of curiosity, then I'd probably take on Nick, the MD's job, because I'd be more involved in the business side of things.

What's the most memorable thing that's happened to you whilst working for Swift?

Katie: Getting to throw a bucket of water over Nick (my boss!) in the "Drench the Manager" charity event after the FD donated his prize to me.

Liam: Probably the big move from one building to another at the end of last year to free up space for our new sensory lab.

Colin: I bought my first car whilst at Swift, my old rust bucket Ford Ka.

Patrik: Mostly it's the help I get if I mess up on something! I'm still learning!

Which project has given you the most satisfaction and why?

Katie: Creating Swift's Management Information System because it was a huge project that took many many months of hard-work and long hours. It launched on time, was (generally) well received and it still (sort of) works nearly ten years later.

Liam: Our customer sat tracker for VWG, it's a project that always presents new challenges.

Colin: 'Staying Ahead' for VWG was interesting as you got to learn about new cars available on the market.

Patrik: Quite a few, I've had a couple where I had to script tedious and complex routings. I was new to this kind of challenge so it gave me satisfaction to actually complete it and also do the analysis.

What's your favourite thing to do out of work?

Katie: Travel the world!

Liam: Binge TV shows.

Colin: Music and football.

Patrik: Training in the gym, cooking, learning new stuff like new programming languages, and eating out in various restaurants.

Finally, the question on everyones lips, what are you having for lunch today?

Katie: The same as every other day... cheddar cheese sandwich on white bread, salt & vinegar crisps and a Kit-Kat.

Liam: Chicken sandwich.

Colin: Chicken and bacon slice - not what I wanted but it was slim pickings in Aldi!

Patrik: Beans on toast with cheese on top and protein shake.