Baby & toddler Research

Over the years we are proud to have developed ongoing relationships with major blue-chip companies in the baby care industry, helping them with the design of new consumer goods and the development of existing brands for this fascinating market.

Baby Product Development

Working with many household names we've helped develop a wide range of baby products including nappies, wipes, sterilisers, soothers, feeding cups, chairs – in fact anything undergoing NPD / co-creation.

Understanding the NPD Cycle

From qualitative focus group discussions feeding into early stage concept development to prototype product placement studies through to large scale quantitative samples once products are close to launch, we understand the phases of the product development cycle.

Baby research - product development

Recruiting Babies & Toddlers

Baby and toddler research

Babies and toddlers are a regular, entertaining feature in our facilities, keeping us and their parents on our toes as you might imagine! Years of experience in this sector means we know the best ways to recruit parents and carers. We understand the sensitivities involved when asking parents to trial alternatives with their precious new baby or their toddler who is used to a particular soother or drinking cup.

Our approach and our tools are tried and tested to create successful projects and assist manufacturers and designers to work with real life situations in their competitive market.