Sensory Research

Swift Research can offer clients a unique combination of facilities and research expertise.

Joining sensory and research tools in one location allows those looking to understand consumers’ sensory preferences, alongside behaviours and purchase decisions to take an efficient, joined-up approach to developmental projects.

Sensory Research Panels

We develop and manage various sensory research panels for our clients. Panellists participate in sniff tests, in home use tests, bulletin boards, traditional qualitative work and various other tasks on an ongoing basis. Our QDA experience is supported by expert sensory scientists, in-house Panel Leaders and lab technicians.

Sensory Research Services

We have the capability to deliver insights throughout the product development process, all the way to the shelf. Our extensive sensory lab, access to expert sensory scientists and in-house qual and quant market research services provide an end-to-end experience.

Clients may previously have needed to work with a range of suppliers, and internal/external facilities, to deliver data and insight throughout a development process. The menu at Swift facilitates a one-stop-shop approach, or stage by stage choices.

  • Our sensory lab and associated services sit alongside our research viewing facility, Innervisions, and full-service agency services.
  • Our local and national consumer panel, Swift Insight, and trained sensory panels provide fast access to quality participants.
  • Additional recruitment and screening to specific criteria is facilitated through in-house fieldwork services.
  • Recruitment and training of bespoke sensory panels can be specifically arranged as needed.
  • Sensory lab facilities include 10 open booths, designed and built to ISO standards, 6 closed booths, 8 sealed booths which also include built-in washing machines, language development/group discussion room with viewing.
  • Preparation areas, storage, capability to test household and personal care products, hot and cold drinks, microwave preparation and a wide range of ambient foods. Mini test kitchen. Full scale test kitchen coming soon.