Field CLTs & face to face

We offer a full range of fieldwork services to ensure we cater for whichever quantitative methodology best meets study objectives.

Should projects require a face-to-face approach, we operate a national team of field interviewers, offering a country-wide service of door-to-door, street intercept and central location testing.

Country-wide expertise

Our interviewers work with their Area Supervisor who carefully controls all activity and quality standards to deliver fieldwork through both pen & paper and tablet based interviewing. Typically, the field teams cover qualitative and CLT pre-recruitment, in-home placements, off street interviewing and CLT work.

We have many super venues for CLT studies (hall tests) across the country, in various towns and cities and regularly bring new ones onto the list. Each has their own unique attributes, be it location, accommodation and facilities, footfall and demographics, and our Supervisors and their teams know how best to work each venue to the advantage of each project. This expertise cannot be underestimated when specific quota groups are required, or when rain and snow is forecast yet a project must still be completed on time!

Quality control is paramount

We expect our field team to work within the professional standards of the Market Research Society and adhere to DPA guidelines. The Area Supervisor and Swift head office Data Collection Manager work together to ensure quality and other standards are adhered to, through a programme of regular quality checks and measures.

International fieldwork connections

We also work alongside research partners internationally, centrally managing multi-country studies on behalf of many global blue chip organisations.