Data processing & survey scripting

Our dedicated team of scripters, DP, stats and analysis professionals work with a variety of software and in-house systems to respond to each project individually.

Working within project teams and often directly with our clients, we tailor our surveys and outputs to meet bespoke requirements.

Survey scripting – online, offline, phone or paper

Using specialist data collection software our scripters are able to create attractive and responsive online and offline web surveys for use by both participants and researchers. Working alongside our in-house web developers, the team are fully capable of creating responsive web surveys that not only comply with branding guidelines, but also ensure ease of use that will result in maximum response rates.

With an in-house call centre, our DP team have significant experience at scripting and project managing phone surveys for standalone studies and ongoing tracker projects.

Despite advances in modern technology, we recognise there are still occasions where paper surveys may be the most effective means of data capture. When this is the case, our DP team can create easy to use data entry programs and perform all the necessary quality checks to ensure the manual process of data entry is performed as efficiently and accurately as possible.

Take a look at our example web survey

Data processing and analysis

Whether it's data tables with statistical analysis you require, data maps or simply raw data exports, using a variety of software our DP team can tailor their outputs to suit your business needs.

Our internal expertise enables us to guide and advise businesses and organisations on research findings, which often includes combining results from qualitative and quantitative stages, using historical or benchmarked data or applying other statistical and data reduction techniques such as factor/principal components analysis, segmentation, and more, to fully understand the direction to be taken next.

We can also reach out to tried and tested consulting statisticians for expertise in custom driver analysis through Structural Equation Modelling, econometrics and other non-conventional analyses.