Online Surveys

At Swift Research we advise on and develop a wide range of online projects.

From standard web surveys, to appointment bookings, online diaries and bespoke systems, our technical team can create a system that will work for you. For global studies, we can overcome the language barriers by offering multi-language online studies and translation services.

Survey design and appearance

When it comes to web surveys, we understand the importance of appearance and our in-house developers are able to create an attractive bespoke survey template to meet your branding guidelines or match your corporate website design.

As standard all our web surveys are fully responsive, ensuring they appear and function correctly regardless of screen size or touch-screen capabilities, thus maximising response rates.

Email surveys

Our bulk mail handling system allows us to transmit tens of thousands of survey invitation emails each day and our IT staff are available to advise on the best techniques to ensure emails reach their destination without ending up in spam filters. All emails are personalised and can be designed to meet specific branding guidelines.

Our survey invitations include encrypted individual links, ensuring each participant can only complete the survey once, whilst also giving them the freedom to resume at a later time.

Recruitments and online appointment bookings

Utilising either our online panel or your own database, we are able utilise both web and phone for recruitment purposes.

When required, our web recruitments can also include online appointment bookings, allowing a specified number of participants to select their desired time and venue to attend a central location test or focus group. As standard email confirmations and SMS reminders are sent to all participants in advance of the appointment, improving attendance.

Online diaries – capturing "in the moment" data

During product testing we know how important it is to capture feedback as it happens. That's why we have developed an online diary system allowing participants to complete their questionnaires in real time whilst using the product. For ease and accessibility, questionnaires can be completed on smart phones, tablets or PCs.

Where required, time stamps and forced time delays can be incorporated to ensure we capture accurate data. Email and SMS reminders can also be sent to ensure participants are keeping on track with the study.

Utilising third-party software we can also offer explicit measures as part of our online diaries, providing participants with a more engaging and fun way of completing the studies.

Security and quality

All our online surveys are hosted in-house on secure servers, ensuring all data is kept confidential and is stored in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data accuracy is critical. It is with this in mind that we ensure all data provided by Swift Research is subject to the same stringent quality checks, regardless of project size and scope. Data is delivered in a variety of formats and is always fully supported post-delivery.