Customer satisfaction

Our CSAT model has been developed through years of customer satisfaction tracking in several sectors. We approach each brief with fresh eyes since every study has bespoke circumstances and requirements.

CSAT Tracking Studies

We understand consistency in measurement is critical, but that keeping a tracking study and its outputs fresh are also key to its success. We aim to add value to each client's business through our continued analysis and feedback - we are not in the business of simply churning out basic stats month after month.

Changing agencies mid tracker is often a challenge but our track record demonstrates it is possible to create a smooth transition in addition to creating new, commercially orientated CSAT trackers which help to influence staff performance and deliver to the bottom line.

PGCV (Potential Gain in Customer Value)

When developing a CSAT measure from scratch it is key to understand the service elements that really are key to customers. How many times have CSAT studies been designed by internal teams using the criteria prioritised by the business, without taking the time to fully understand what, from a customer's perspective, could really make a difference if improved?

The PGCV technique identifies the Potential Gain in Customer Value through understanding the really important elements of a service experience, then measuring against these, rather than only adopting the client's preferred measures. It then prioritises the factors which may show the greatest impact on satisfaction, should they perform at a higher (or lower) level. Really helpful when performance needs attention but direction regarding prioritisation was unclear.

Net promoter, customer effort and attitude analyser measurements

Within CSAT research there are numerous ways to measure and report. Each organisation has their own approach to calculating scores to review against targets, setting scales they believe in, and whether or not they should use industry standards outputs such as NPS and Customer Effort measures. Our experience is there to be utilised. We are very happy to advise on the uses and applications of the various measures, and indeed work with you to create bespoke tools for your own business.

Attitude Analyser is an excellent example of a tool developed to meet the needs of a specific client. This measures the customer's mood before and after contact with a company's customer service centre. It digs deep into the underlying reasons contributing to a customer's attitude and can play a powerful part in improving services and products.

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