Eye Tracking

Our senses drive every facet of our lives. Every day, we subconsciously smell, taste, see, feel, and hear the world all around us and it is through our senses that we build up a picture of the world.

This picture then governs how we feel about brands or products and whether we buy them or not. It is for this reason, that global companies cumulatively spend billions of dollars a year on what products look and feel like.

Eye Tracking in Research

In market research, what consumers see and where we look, is one of the fastest growing areas, as it gives unique insights into what consumers subconsciously notice about a website, brand, or product. We test this through eye tacking.

Eye tracking is the process of studying participant’s eye movement as they study a range of products or undertake different activities. Eye tracking is such a powerful tool because it explores unconscious behaviours which traditional market research questioning cannot. These unconscious behaviours are, therefore, free from bias and rationalisation and the data we collect offers real time information on what consumers notice about brands, logos, and products.

Here at Swift Research, we have the equipment, knowledge, and capability to conduct eye tracking studies on a large scale.