Household Product Research

Global manufacturers of toiletry products, household cleaners, air fresheners, laundry detergents and fabric conditioners come to Swift for support during various phases of npd. Swift is regularly commissioned to conduct research, often globally, through in-home use tests (IHUTs), Central Location Tests and online studies.

Working in this sector often requires us to place products with consumers in-home to trial and obtain feedback within an everyday-use situation. Studies can include placements of just a few days to a several weeks – how often do you clean the bathroom tiles or scrub the floors? We match the trial period to standard usage and instruct consumers to put away their usual product for a while.

Ever wondered how to run an efficient and cost effective consumer test for floor cleaners without introducing location bias? Or researched the efficacy of air fresheners in a real room setting, multiple times in a testing day, without jeopardising fragrance clarity? Just ask Swift. We know just the venues and techniques to use and we love that consumers are so accommodating of the tasks we ask them to do!

Research Testing Facility

Our facilities here at Swift and Innervisions, can be set up to replicate the home environment, our wet rooms provide a unique way of observing product usage/application or products may be placed in-home.

We have even been known to ask royalty to sniff loo fresheners and have erected pop up booths filled with fragrances recreating specific smells (think bathroom 'mal odours'!) within our NPD research.

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