Laundry Research

Swift has developed a strong reputation with laundry category manufacturers and their suppliers in this £multi-million and highly competitive market place.

The growth in this area is recognisable with every trip to the supermarket and we are very proud to have provided the consumer research behind several new products, innovations and numerous fragrances.

Laundry Product Testing

Laundry research - fragrance testing

Once the internal product development and technical research has reached a point where new products are ready for real consumer feedback, we work with our clients to run both qualitative studies to trial alternative options or support the next stage of development, or we deliver larger scale quantitative testing to validate new product performance prior to launch. Our work might help shape the direction npd takes or it is the last step prior to products hitting the shelf.

Our Swift Insight panellists, and consumers recruited from across the UK, regularly allow clients into their homes to observe them completing their laundry. This observational work is often coupled with in-depth interviews between the consumer, the client and our expert moderators. Consumers also create videos, photos and mood boards as part of the research programme. It provides a true insight into product usage and the vast array of approaches consumers take to dealing with their dirty laundry! Truly fascinating in an ever growing market, our work supports the technical development of laundry detergents, fabric conditioners and supplementary products.

Laundry Lab

The laundry lab at Swift is designed to prepare product samples on both a small and large scale.
Our team is well versed in an array of product prep protocols, be it neat, damp or dry testing, a full load of laundry or a simple sniff test cloth.

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We love laundry!

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Laundry Lab

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