Telephone Surveys

While technology continues to open doors to new ways of conducting market research, we believe talking to people face to face and over the 'phone still has an important role in the market researchers toolkit.

We love to chat!

Our telephone surveys, recruitment service, and tele-depth interviewing are all undertaken from our own in-house call centre, which operates 7 days a week, 9am to 9pm, and even offers a 'pyjama shift' from time to time for international studies.

Our 'phone researchers are a tenacious but friendly group who know how to get the best out of each call, be it interviewing customers or service users during CSAT tracking, finding their way past the 'gate keepers' in B2B research, recruiting participants to test products in home or attend a focus group or CLT.

We know the tricks of the trade and we abide by the rules (MRS & GDPR guidelines are key to our success).

Telephone research offers a thorough and consistent approach

Being interviewer administered, a conversation is taking place, which means participants can be guided through each question, scales can be reinforced to ensure understanding, answers for open ended questions can be thoroughly probed and expanded. Consequently, telephone research has a particular advantage over self-completion methods such as web surveys, in terms of clarifying and obtaining consistent and high quality outputs. Interviewers are trained and monitored on how to deliver the questions, when to probe and clarify, and how to work to ensure consistency is achieved from survey to survey, interviewer to interviewer.

The whole or the sum of its parts?

All too often, the individual participants and their views and experiences are 'consumed' by a wider dataset. A telephone approach allows the researcher and clients to listen into interviews as they take place, or through recordings post-calls, subject to confidentiality agreements. This adds a further dimension to a study and assists in interpreting results, bringing the target market to life in addition to seeing the findings within a quantitative report or set of tables.

Interested in running a phone survey?

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