Product & concept development

Whether designing a new product or developing an existing one, we champion the importance of product testing and concept development as essential steps in the R&D process.

Central Location Tests, In-Home Usage and Concept Labs

Having conducted hall tests, in-home usage tests (IHUTs), concept & usage tests and concept labs over many years, we have vast experience in whichever methodology is required. Our toolkit is extensive and we can advise which research methods are best suited. As well as being able to field tests externally, we can also offer Innervisions, our in-house viewing facility which provides flexible space and resources for central location tests.

Product Research & Development

Our in-house team and facilities mean we can fully implement all methodologies, ensuring multi stage R&D projects are handled centrally ensuring consistency and efficiency.

We are proud to have worked alongside many major blue-chip companies and have helped to bring some of their best known goods to market.